Roland TR-8 - MIDI

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The sound names below the buttons of the TR-8 are actually the names for the TR-909 Kit (DRUM KIT 2).
See the table below for the corresponding TR-808 names, including the MIDI note numbers.

Settings for StepPolyArp

    KIT 1
TR-808 - TOMS
TR-808 - CONGA
KIT 4..16
Contain sounds from KIT 1..3
51 D#2 Cowbell Ride Cymbal Cowbell  
49 C#2 Cymbal Crash Cymbal Cymbal  
46 A#1 Open Hihat Open Hihat Open Hihat  
42 F#1 Closed Hihat Closed Hihat Closed Hihat  
39 D#1 Hand Clap Hand Clap Maracas  
37 C#1 Rim Shot Rim Shot Claves  
50 D2 High Tom High Tom High Conga  
47 B1 Mid Tom Mid Tom Mid Conga  
43 G1 Low Tom Low Tom Low Conga  
38 D1 Snare Drum Snare Drum Snare Drum  
36 C1 Bass Drum Bass Drum Bass Drum  

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