Korg Gadget 2 - Keyboard

start | synth | drum | keyboard | audio track | midi out

8 Gadgets.

  Gadget Based on Gadget Description

Fairbanks   includes tempo-synced sequences

Madrid   bass guitar machine
- acoustic
- electric

6 types of bass amp

built in effect

Marseille a mini–Triton polyphonic PCM synth that forfeits programming depth in favour of a bank of 128 classic patches.

M1 piano, Mellotron strings and flute, plus Korg’s patent breathy choirs and saxes.

basically a sound bank of the essentials. Piano samples, string samples, etc.

Module Alexandria PREMIER Engineering Inc.
Vintage Organ
Rotary speaker, vibrato, chorus and overdrive.

Green Organ, Lower Organ, Basic Organ, Soulful Organ, Wild Organ, Ballad Organ, Prog Rock Organ 1,
Prog Rock Organ 2, Faith Organ, Full Drawbar Organ, 3rd Perc Organ 1, 3rd Perc Organ 2, 3rd Perc Organ 3, 3rd Perc Organ 4, 2nd Perc Organ 1, 2nd Perc Organ 2

Module Firenze Electric Clav  

Module Glasgow PCM Synth Stringfs, Brass and Synth

Different parameter set per tone

Module Montreal   Vintage Electric Piano
Module Salzburg   Acoustic Piano


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