Korg Gadget 2 - Drum

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Abu Dhabi Loop slicer includes electro drum and chord sequences

sample import

Amsterdam   PCM Sound FX

100 sound effects (one-shot, synth, chords, scratches)

sort of “dub siren” utility, full of decorative one shots and transition noises. Lots of things here that you COULD do with other modules

Bilbao   Sample player

collection of 16-step grooves with lo-fi feel

sample import

Gladstone Acoustic Drums 20 drum kits

London general–purpose PCM drum machine packed with samples. 400 samples
Electro, Dubstep, Minimal.

The samples are better than expected, bordering on excellent to be honest, and there is a good amount of dynamic optimization to make sure you can get appropriate thwack out of your main elements.

Otorii SEGA 16 bit
Drum machine

sounds from Outrun and After Burner from the SEGA GENESIS

Recife   30 different kits:
- acoustic drums
- sound effects
- different beats

Because the modulation restarts with every event, slow speeds and lower depths via the sawtooth will result in disco toms. On the other hand, audio rate modulation will result in awesome metallic percussion. Tinkering with depth and other waveforms varies the character greatly.
Tokyo Modular Analog Percussion Synth. analogue modelling of kick, snare, tom and percussion.

the real star here is the PCS503 percussion module, which is excellent for cowbells, claves, and awesome analog bongos and congas. Its modulation section is FM-based with key-synced phase.


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