AVP Synth MAD5 - Panel

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Panel workings of the MAD5

Colours of the buttons:
RED: attack settings
GREEN: decay settings

Usage tips
Sounds on the MAD5 consist of an Attack part and a Decay part:
- the red coloured Tune and Space knobs are for the attack part of the sounds,
- the green Decay, Noise and Sweep knobs regulate the decay part of the sounds.
- for Hihats, the Tune-knob has effect on the total sound.
- Tune-buttons are more than a just a tone control. When fully open, they also interact with Resonance for the Bass, and Sweep for the Snare.

When you set the decay knob for a sound fully open, there is the possibility that the decay is louder than the attack.
This way you will not clearly hear the attack sound anymore.

About the sounds

- the wave of the Bass can be changed from Sine (=0) to Square (=8). The square setting (=8) adds an attack click sound.
- when Tune and Resonance are high, the filter self oscillates. Be careful.
- for nice results, set the Tune halfway and the Resonance to full.

- the Sweep button has the most noticeable (sweep down) effect on the decay at setting 6 to 8, and when Tune is high.
- the Noise button opens the low pass filter on the Noise.

- they do not choke each other

- the Clap consists of 2 fast attack sounds, followed by a decay sound. "Space" is the amount of time between the 2 attack sounds.
- the Clap Balance settings: 0=Attack only, 8=Decay only, so you are able to mute the Attack or Decay settings completely.
- for nice results, set Balance to 1 (loud attack, soft decay volume), Tune the attack low and set the attack Space low. Then experiment with the decay settings.

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