Roland A-880 - Operation

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After switching on the unit, it starts in SCAN / MIX mode. If the lights flash after switching on, then check the error page first.
The 1 to 8 IN and OUT keys of my unit are dirty. Press them FIRMLY.

Functions of the buttons

- show the MIDI activity

- show the Patch Bay IN to the OUT connections
- set the Patch Bay IN to the OUT connections (1 IN to zero or more OUT (max 8) connections)
- set the 2 MIDI IN Merge Ports to the OUT connections

- load a Patch from memory

- write a Patch to memory

Operation table

SIGNAL : Show the MIDI signals. Active MIDI messages LEDS light up when MIDI is fed into the A-880.
SCAN / MIX : SCAN Mode: shows the current MIDI In & Out settings
Automatically shows the settings in sequence: MIX Settings > Input 1 > Input 2 > ...
  > MIX Settings:
- IN row: flashing LED Port indicates it is set to receive MIDI Clock Data
- IN row: lit LED Port is set to receive A-880 Remote Control Data
- only 1 flashing LED: MIDI Clock and Control Data on same IN Port
- OUT row: connected physical OUT Ports
> Input 1-8 Settings:
- show IN Port > OUT Port Connections
: MIX Mode: set the connections between In and OUT Ports (1 IN to 0-8 OUT)
  > Activate MIX Mode:
- select IN Port (mode is now active for 15 seconds)
You can now select the OUT Ports on or off, one by one.
An OUT Port can only be connected to one IN Port.
Already connected OUT Ports are changed to current selected IN Port.
: Clock Port and Remote Control Port: set the MIDI Clock Data IN and Clock/RC OUT Ports
  > Change MIDI Clock Data IN Port:
- hold SCAN/MIX and press another IN Port button (flashing LED)
- the RC IN Port is a system wide setting and can only be changed during power up of the A-880.
  > Change the Clock/RC OUT Ports:
- hold SCAN/MIX and press the OUT Ports on/off one by one
MEMORY : LEDS show active selected memory location number
- (optional) Press Bank 1-8: bottom row flashes
  previously active Bottom Nr LED flashes reversed
- then press Number Nr
Press Number only, if you do not want to change the Bank
WRITE : write a setting into memory
- press Bank Nr, then press Number Nr
- press WRITE to write
PGM CH : Change A-880 the MIDI receive Channel for the MIDI Program Change and SysEx messages
- press both MEMORY and WRITE buttons: both LEDs light up
- choose a different MIDI receive Channel [1-16] (printed in green on the front panel)
- press SIGNAL when finished

Set A-880 Remote Control IN Port:
- hold desired IN Port button while switching on the unit. This setting is automatically saved.

Remote control of the A-880
The A-880 can be remote controlled, but you first have to assign a physical IN Port [1-8] and a MIDI Channel Nr [1-16] to which the A-880 listens to, for remote control. After assigning a Port and a MIDI Channel, the following functions can be performed:
- Send Program Change Msg [1..64] to the A-880 recall a Memory Preset Nr.
- Send SysEx to completely control the A-880 from software.

STEP 1: Assign a physical IN Port for A-880 Remote Control
- Switch off A-800
- (top row) hold the MIDI IN port button
- switch on the unit
- release the button
This setting will be automatically saved into memory.

STEP 2: Assign a MIDI Channel for A-880 Remote Control [1-16]
- Press MEMORY + WRITE at the same time: both green LEDS light up
- the A-880 shows the current MIDI Channel
- Switch on RC: Change MIDI Channel: press [1-16]
- Switch off RC: Press the current Channel button, so the LED goes off. The A-880 does no longer responds to Program Change messages.

Exit: Press SIGNAL

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