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"Analogue for the 90's"

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Create a patch
- make sure you are in PROGRAM mode (else press the SELECT button until PROGRAM lights up)
- when you touch a button, to current patch is copied to the edit buffer and the EDIT dot on the LED screen starts to flash.
- to save the patch, see below.

Save a patch to memory
- make sure you are in PROGRAM mode
- switch to WRITE ENABLE
- only user patches [40..99] can be written
  - optional: press the COMPARE button to listen to the patch in memory. press COMPARE again to listen to the edit buffer
  - optional: select another patch number in the user memory (only the 0..9 buttons work) and COMPARE the sounds
- press the "+" (WRITE) key to store the patch to memory
- (!) switch back to WRITE PROTECT

Save a patch to the computer (SysX dump):
- set the software in the computer to "receive"
- choose the patch you want to dump -or- if you were EDITing a patch, the edit buffer will be saved.
- press the SELECT button until SAVE lights up
- press SAVE TYPE button and choose 'single patch' ("Sr" = Single patch [76 bytes], "Ar" = All patches [4100 bytes])
- press the "+" key to start the dump

Send patch from the computert to the Bass Station:
- press the SELECT button until PROGRAM lights up
> in WRITE PROTECT mode the patch goes into the edit buffer. Save the patch manually to memory (see above).
> in WRITE ENABLE mode the patch immediately overwrites the patch in memory.
> (!) sending an "All Patches" message will overwrite all patches, regardless the WRITE PROTECT setting.

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