Mode Machines ADX1

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"They do a great tribute to the MAM ADX1..It sounds better than the original ! These instruments are so sharp and precise, it's a pure pleasure to my ear !"

Youtube (MAM ADX1):
"some years ago that hot baby can go with you for 150€ new.... byte my ass till today"

Vintagesynth (MAM ADX1):
"Got a gray unit these days... nice little tool and exactly what I wanted. Very flexible for creating hihats, snares and synthetic claps. The bass and synth sections are good for zaps and small percussions. Not good for kickdrums but for these I use a sampler anyway. Thumbs up!"
"A great box: what you see is what you get. It can be noisy on the main outs, so use the individual outs instead. The kicks aren't the greatest, but they do serve, and the variations you'll be able to coax out of this easily justify having it at its modest price and size."

"The MIDI control also has some cool features, you can control quite a few parameters using MIDI CC, or use the internal random LFOs which add an unique "allways changing" character to the sound. I also love the possibility to control same channel as "open" or "closed" envelope release."

"I spoke with Michael, the CEO from Modemachines to get some info in the "past history" of the ADX1 and I got some really nice info, this is his answer so its in first person... here it goes: The story behind ADX: Originally I did the conceptional design for the DRM-1 with Thomas Haller from HDB - Audio, it marketed by Touched by Sound Syncussion DRM-1. Then we decided to sell it as MAM DRM-1 - then HDB Audio bought back the name Vermona and decided to build up their own brand making the MK2, MK3…. Stefan Schmidt, our MAM designer worked with me to make a slightly different version, smaller, easier to build and it was sold as the original ADX-1 by MAM. Two years ago I asked Stefan to redesign it in SMT and improve some Noise issues e.g. and make it to fit into the pactec PT-10, as we had problems finding the right enclusre at a good price.. Thats it basically ;-)"

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