Caustic - PCM Synth


active sample - volume% - tuning - root key - low key - high key - loop mode
orange: root key of current sample.
- when the root key and assigned key are the same, the orange color dims the highlighted key
vertical line on key or below black key: key already occupied by a sample or sample range

Other example, where you can see the root key of a wave and the highlighted key range.
You can also see the hint of other wave ranges.


Button Press Dial   Long Press
Sample sample select dial other sample in mem
for editing by options below
  load wave file in current slot
or dial empty slot first
Level volume change volume (max 200%)
0% - remove sample
  sample editor
sample properties
Tune / Pan tuning in cents
pan left/mid/right
tune (-50 / +50)   toggle tune / pan
RootKey sampled pitch notenr dial root key nr   press root key on kb
LowKey show first keyb notenr dial low key notenr   press low key on kb
HighKey show last keyb notenr dial hi key notenr   press high key on kb
Mode loop mode - play once
- note on/off
- loop forward
- loop forwardback
- intro + loop fwd
- intro + loop fwdback
  set playback mode for all samples
Start sample offset start offset fwd sample tick   graphical edit + micro set loop point
+ set loop mode
End sample offset end
(shows sample length)
offset bwd sample tick   graphical edit + micro set loop point
+ set loop mode

Wave editor

Stereo samples are supported, but single channel editing is not possible

Beats/seconds, snapping, correcting
B / S toggle: show Beats (overlay bpm of the song), Seconds of the wave
Lock toggle: snap editing to Beats or Seconds
Detect bpm of the wave using Tools > Detect BPM
Change bpm of the wave using Tools > Pitch/Time
- Rubberband: sounds usually better after Apply, can give phasing, good for full drum loops
- Soundtouch: (simpler algorithm) can give clicking, good for solo voices