ARP 2600 - patch "wow jij"

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"wauw jij" (english: " wow ya-eee")

purpose where what M/S* action why
make "wow" VCO3 switch S AUDIO to have sound
    v.slider S open VCO3 to VCF it needs lots of harmonics, which calls for the saw.
also VCO3-saw goes standard to the VCF, which saves a patch cable
    h.slider S VCO3 to 80Hz Freq the best results are in the bass region
  VCF h.slider S close VCF freq because the filter will be controlled by the ADSR
    h.slider S Q to 60% resonance will make the consonants really spike out,
take care not to drive it into self-osc
  ADSR v.sliders M slow ADSR - set slow A-D speed, this will make the "W"
- set medium S, to keep the "O"
- set slow R, for another "W"
  VCF v.slider M ADSR to VCF modulate the filter with the ADSR
  VCA v.slider S VCF to VCA put the VCF through the VCA
    h.slider S INITIAL GAIN 50% to get sound.
  MIXER v.slider S VCA to MIXER send the sound from the VCA to the mixer
"wow" will sound at nearly every octave
add "jij" VCO2 switch S AUDIO the VCA will be modulated with audio frequencies
    h.slider S VCO2 to 3KHz Freq the modulation will be quite fast
    h.slider M PULSE WIDTH 50% make a square wave
  VCA patch M VCO2 PULSE
now the VCA will be modulated with the square of VCO2.
    v.slider M AR to 50% the effect will be heard already at 50% modulation
this creates "ij" consonants in the lower regions of the keyboard
the "wow" will still sound, one octave above "jij"
the only drawback is the high modulation pitch from the VCO2

* M=modulator, S=sound

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